Walking in Styria

Themed Nature Trails

Mysticism, history, and children’s adventures in the Schladming-Dachstein region. Explore Styria’s themed nature trails, which will delight adults as much as children. Here’s a taster:

Sonnenalm Nature and Hunt trail

This nature trail is ideal even when the weather is not the best.


Explore the unique upland-moor flora, moss and lichen at this nature reserve.

Schafsinn loop trail on Hauser Kaibling

Every year, on three appointed days, about 800 sheep are driven up Hauser Kaibling for a summer with a shepherd or shepherdess. The family-friendly themed walk has information about the sheep and gives the chance to see a flock of sheep with their shepherd in nature.

The Schafsinn circular walk has an easy ascent (40 mins), ideal for walking with a pram or an easy-going strolls. For more of a challenge, take the 1 hour 45 mins walk. Find out more about the Schafsinn project and other activities, please visit www.schafsinn.at.

Tree horoscope path

This stroll on the Kulm presents the walker's Tree of Life with explanations about character traits.

Mystic 'Notgasse' in the UNESCO world heritage site, Gröbming

This hike takes you to the Stoderzinken and its prehistoric and more-recent rock carvings.

Milk nature trail

This gentle walk takes you past five farms and explains interesting facts about milk, from cow to the ready-to-eat dairy produce.

F.X. Mayr trail

Explore the Kneipp facility and eleven "quiet memorial sites" remembering the well-known Dr. F.X. Mayr.

On the trail of the Ice Age

Walk along Römerstraße on the Sölkpass and learn how the mountains formed and changed during the last Ice Age.

Styrian cheese journey

A culinary journey exploring local cheeses at Schloss Großsölk then heading up to the alpine pastures, where cheese and other specialties are made.

Dowsing rod walk

Best done with a guide, this themed nature trail is four kilometres long and takes you to Aigen with a dowsing rod.

Wooden animal park Riesneralm

On Riesneralm, large wooden animals made of regional materials are great for children to play in and on.

First European summit barefoot path

Get to the summit after a walk across mosses, pebbles, spruce needle grounds, alpine pastures, and mud. A great new experience.

Discover the various themed nature trails in the Schladming-Dachstein region in Styria.