FIS - Rules for the conduct of skiers and snowboarders

Rules of Conduct

Not only fun but also safety is a top priority in our ski resort. Hence, have a close look at the rules for conduct and enjoy a safe day out skiing!

1. Warm up

Warm up properly to avoid injuries!

2. Keep you eyes open

Check uphill before hitting the slope!

3. Avoid crashes

Always stop underneath a group!

4. Wear your helmet

Use your brain - protect it!

5. Everything under control?

Don't ski too fast and never loose control!

6. Somewhere else please

Stop only in places where you can be easily seen!

7. Take breaks

Don't exhaust yourself, take breaks. More breaks - more ski fun!

8. Keep calm

Don't open the safety bar until in the marked exit area!

9. Ski-Check

Edges and binding checked and ok?


10. Stop

Follow the markings and sign posts!


11. After you, please 

Give way to the slower skiers!


12. Ascent and descent

Skiers acending or descending by foot have to keep to the edge of the piste.


13. ID requested in the event of accidents.

Every skier must provide personal details in the event of an accident, regardless of whether they are witnesses or involved in the accident, responsible or not. 


14. Conduct in the event of accidents

Everyone is obliged to help in the event of an accident!