Safety, quality, and customer oriented

Styria Ski Run Quality Seal

For the fourth time in a row, the Hauser Kaibling was presented the Styria Ski Run Quality Seal at the Graz Landhaus Steinerner Saal in December 2013.

Ski Run Quality Seal 2013

Ski Run Quality Seal 2013

Three years after their last award presentation, Hauser Kaibling had to face up to another test according to the criteria in order to continue holding the Quality Seal. The criteria catalogue comprises eight categories with a number of subcategories, and the respective Styrian Quality Seal Commission checks the conformance of these criteria. Only who conforms to all conditions of the catalogue, receives the treasured award. Hauser Kaibling managed to pass the test with flying colours and therefore is amongst the Styrian top ski resorts, distinguishing itself with quality, safety, and customer orientation as well as specific measures to avoid accidents.

“The Quality Seal guarantees highest safety and customer orientation. Ever since its introduction in 2000, the number of accidents in the Styrian ski resorts have been reduced by 40 %. As a speaker for tourism, I am proud to conduct this award presentation, because the image of the region is very closely connected with the quality of our ski resorts”, said the vice governor of Styria, Hermann Schutzenhofer during this award giving, that he conducted together with Karl Schmidhofer, chairman of the section ski lifts of the chamber of commerce.