Tips for even more fun in the snow!

Choose the Right Equipment

Skiing and snowboarding is great fun and the physical activity keeps fit – even more so if you have the right equipment "on your feet".

We want you to enjoy outdoor sports in great scenery, this is why we offer the perfect equipment for every level in the Sport Hauser Kaibling, right at the base station of the 8 seater gondola lift.

Prepare not only your car, but also your ski gear for the skiing days to come. Our partner Sport Hauser Kaibling is waiting for you and happy to provide advice.

Ski gear

Ski boots

Good fitting boots with sufficient ankle-flexibility are absolutely necessary. A well padded boot-leg and enough mobility for the bunions increase the comfortable fit. The soft padding, especially for ladies' models, avoids sore shins. An anatomic footbed supports the foot when getting tired (can avoid burning feet, pain and feet falling asleep). When buying boots, walk around in them for at least 20 minutes! 

Ski binding

Modern bindings offer protection against injuries and in case of a fall, release the boot in almost all directions. The best binding can, however, function ideally only in case of the correct mounting and adjustment. The individual adjustment according to body height, weight, skill, age, boot sole length, and friction can only be guaranteed by the experts in the sports shop. Get your "Bindings Quality Seal" at the annual check-up.


Carving skis have more sidecut, which makes it easier to ski on the edges. Those who employ the correct technique, will be thrilled by the performance. Also for amateur-skiers, this depelopment offers many advantages: more stability and easier turning improves ski-economy in the lower and medium speed zone, enhancing the pleasure of skiing. However, the selection of the right ski is also required.

Service for skis, binding and boots

You should wax your skis and sharpen the edges on a regular basis in order to ensure the skiing performance characteristics. Store them in a dry room and transport them on the roof of a car. Have your binding checked annually at your sports shop (SPORT HAUSER KAIBLING) and get your "Binding Quality Seal". Store your boots with closed buckles and take out the inner boot for drying from time to time.


Modern ski clothing has to be functional to protect the body from weather conditions. It should help to regulate the body temperature (protection from wind and water, breathable). Putting on multiple layers is more beneficial than one thick layer! Also, always bring a hat (cap, hood, headband), even in good weather conditions.


Your safety is important to us, this is why you find experts regarding ski helmets at the base station. The Sport Hauser Kaibling staff know exactly whether a helmet fits or not, and besides, this is the place where you find the largest selection in Styria and Amadé. Furthermore, there are 2000 helmets from 10 manufacturers available.

Design and comfortable fit go hand in hand. By reqest, we produce airbrush, or motives with Swarovski crystals for you.

Criteria of a good helmet
First of all, the helmet has to be robust to cushion blows to the head. Furthermore, the helmet has to fit properly. It should not have a loose fit nor cause too much pressure. When buying a new helmet, always try several ones, that you find a model that really fits you. Each helmet has a sort of ventilation system to avoid a sauna climat underneath.

The helmet has chin straps that make sure it stays. When buying a ski helmet, always close this strap properly and wear the helmet for several minutes. Move your head to check out its fit: it should not be loose and there should be no friction on your chin.

A ski helmet reduces head injuries after a fall by 85 %. This shall be reason enough to never again go skiing without.

Ski goggles

High visibility to identify risks!
About 30 % of skiers/snowboarders ski without having the best visibility! However, high visibility is necessary to be able to avoid falls and hence accidents. Therfore, always wear glasses or contacts unter you goggles. Use only goggles with 100 % UV filter (look out for the CE-sign). Choose the goggles according to the lighting conditions: too dark lenses can affect the visibility in case it is overcast, or at dusk. We recommend to use yellow lenses for your goggles in case of poor visibility with little contrast (e.b. fog, diffused light), and to avoid blue lenses in such conditions.

Sun protecion

High solar irradiation in the mountains (the higher the altitude, the higher the UV-dose) and the particular high snow reflection require a special protection when skiing. UV-light does not contain thermic radiation, i.e. one should not be deluded by clouds or fog. In case of fog, the reflection becomes even higher! Use exclusively sun screen with a high sun protection factor.

Snowboard equipment

Freeride boards

Multi usable, very versatile, appropriate for any type of snow and level of skill. Thanks to adequate sidecut and shorter legth of edges easy to handle. Bent nose and tail, hence freestyle-ticks are easier to perform.

Freestyle boards

Shorter, softer boards with little camber, extremely easy to turn, facilitate all sorts of freestyle tricks, from the piste to the halfpipe.

Race boards

For highest demands, high camber and more sidecut, require very good skills.

Bindings and boots

Plate bindings offer good grip and direct  bieten festen Halt und direkte power transmission. These plate bindings are used with hardboots on Alpine or racing snowboards, but also in the freeride area. A soft binding is like a second layer on your foot, reaching over the ankle. This type of binding is only to use with soft boots, and gives more 'freedom' for acrobatics and deep powder. They are used mainly on freeride and in particular freestyle boards. The 'step-in-system' - hence making it easy to get in and out - is available for soft and hardboots.