NEW since summer 2022

Schafsinn Lake

Hush! Around the reservoir, the sheep roam free.


At Kaiblingalm reservoir, there’s water zorbing and lots of adventures.

Walking on water? Without getting wet? This might sound like a biblical miracle, but it’s not. It’s an epic summer activity for big and small. On the shores of the Kaiblingalm reservoir, step into a giant ball and stroll across the water. Our Water Zorbing team is there for you every day.

Our new Schafsinn Barefoot Trail along the reservoir gives you sense of a sheep's life, what they feel under their trotters every day, the moss, sand, forest soil, gravel, rock. You name it.

Little climbers, check our the new sheep climbing path. You can scramble over tree trunks, rocks, stilts – no straps or carabiners to be seen.

The fun sheep jumping, sheep whispering and resting retreats with stunning views of the Dachstein – and much more – complete the adventure at new Schafsinn Lake.


Schafsinn Lake Highlights

 Water Zorbing

 Schafsinn Barefoot Trail

 Claw Path – in sheep’s footsteps

 Sheep Climbing Path

 Sheep Jumping

 Sheep Whispering



Opening hours Water Zorbing

Daily from 1st July - 10th Sep 2023
from 10:30 am – 3 pm

Where Kaibling Alm reservoir lake (starting point: Quattralpina top station, along the Kids Adventure Trail, the Hauser Kaibling top loop, or Schafsinn loop to Kaiblingalm)

No special equipment necessary. Without shoes.

Staff Water Zorbing staff on site.

Phone.: +43 (0) 3686 3030

Water Zorbing rates:

*rate per ride 8

*Parents are responsible for their own children | price in EURO