Unique in the Alps - best service

Guaranteed Parking Space

At the Hauser Kaibling 8seater gondola lift base station, there are sufficient parking spaces available. You get there taking the extra exit from the main road (B 320), fast and comfortably. Get out of the car, into your ski boots, and up to the peak in only a few minutes. Both valley runs lead directly back to the car park!

More then 2,200 parking spaces

At the Base Station Arena of the 8seater gondola lift, close to the main road "Ennstal-Bundesstrasse B320", there are always sufficient parking spaces available. "No time-wasting search for a parking place, no long distances to walk to the lift", guarantees managing director Arthur Moser.

The Hauser Kaibling summit at an altitude of 2,015 metres above sea level can be reached in a few minutes only. It couldn't possibly be faster and more comfortable! This is the "out - in - up guarantee": Get out of your car, into your boots and skis, and up on the mountain. And as the day draws to an end, you ski down to the valley. Both valley runs end directly at the car park. Swish to a halt, get out of your skis, and hop in your car - or over to the après ski. Probably unique in the Alps.

Once you have taken off your skis, you have the choice: drive back home right away, or drop in at the WM-Arena for some après ski, or stop by at  McDonald's for a burger...?

E-filling station

E-car drivers can recharge their cars at the four available e-filling stations at the Valley Station. 

You can find more information and additional charging stations among Energie-Steiermark E-Mobility App.