A practical guide to working with sheep in alpine pastures

Reactivation of alpine pastures

The Practical Manual for the Reactivation of Alpine Pastures with Sheep contributes to a gentle and sustainable reactivation project in Austria and similar regions across the Alps.

Practical manual

The initial idea was to provide sheep farmers with driving rights to communal alpine pastures the chance to take their livestock up the mountain. With their own farms stretched to the limits, farmers would find taking their sheep to alpine pastures would help increase lamb production. In just a few steps, single farmers could combine to become a pasturing collective with other interested parties. Read more in chapter 2, "From the vision to the plan".

For cultivation and reactivation of an alpine pasture, there is no single pasturing method. Chapter 3, "Basics for the realisation of an alpine project with sheep", explores the myriad possibilities and techniques.

Many of the techniques in the chapter have been tried and tested by the Styrian Sheep and Goat Farming Association with partners on Hauser Kaibling in line with the Alpine Lamb Project, assisted by the Raumberg-Gumpenstein Education and Research Centre.

See the results in chapter 4, "Implementation on the Hauser Kaibling".  

During the project’s development phase and practical implementation, there was clearly a need for strong links and communication, particularly in financing and problem solving, between all parties. The voices of all involved can be reviewed in chapter 5, "Co-operation partners: Alpine Lamb Project Hauser Kaibling".

Pasturing collectives that successfully master this approach are as good as assured positive renewal of their alpine pastures. They will see gentle, sustainable diversification of the plant population, as well as an increase in the cultivation of alpine pastures and production of innovative products.

Promising projects in co-operation with tourism and ski lift operators.
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