How about a meal?


In winter 2009, the first new generation McDonald's opened its doors close to Hauser Kaibling's 8-seater gondola lift base station.

One of Arthur Moser's top priority was, when he was elected managing director of the Hauser Kaibling ski lifts, to make the area around the base station of the Hauser Kaibling 8seater gondola lift even more attractive. He has achieved this goal with an extaordinary strong partner, who manages to attract lots of guests thanks to its own popularity: not just someone was chosen, but the worldwide operating company McDonald's.

First contact for Arthur Moser was franchisee Belinda Leiter in May 2008, who is also responsible for the  McDonald's success in Liezen. After this first successful talk, things happened fast and the project was implemented in no time. Arthur Moser sees numerous advantages for the Hauser Kaibling, "Even the name McDonald's stands for quality and transmits this groundbreaking lifestyle-image that practically goes hand in hand with the future direction of the Hauser Kaibling. 


All year round: McDonald's

"Open all-year-round, McDonald's is not only attracting additional guests during the winter season, but also during the non-skiing season, which constitutes an extra stimulus for the village Haus im Ennstal", says Moser, who is also very proud of the fact that the new McDonald's at the Hauser Kaibling is amongst the first ones of the new generation. "The building fits into the landscape ideally and is in accordance with the style of the buildings of our base station area, using materials such as glass and wood.

In the form of marketing cooperations, common synergies shall be used ideally. Furthermore, thanks to the new restaurant, there is the option to also operate during the summer months with the Hauser Kaibling 8seater gondola lift in the near future, says Arthur Moser.

In the course of implementing the new restaurant, the entire eastern part of the car park was redesigned. A new road was built, together with a footpath and lighting, moreover, additional parking space with 3.000 m2 was created. Also, there is and extra ski run which leads directly to the restaurant.


The AMA Quality Seal guarantees:

  • excellent quality
  • traceable origin
  • independent check-ups

Best service for the guests and top-quality are the main prioritis as to the products of the McDonald's restaurants. That way, for example, beef, fries, and ice cream have been awarded wtih the AMA Quality Seal.
The AMA Quality Seal guarantees for independent check-ups and stands for conventionally produced food, that fulfil above-average quality criteria with traceable origin.

It is McDonald's aim, to purchase all products locally, provided that they accord to their standards of quality and that the needed quantity is available. This is 100 % the case regarding the beef for the burgers, the milk, and the potatoes for the fries. 


  • McDonald's family restaurant
  • Investment volume: EUR 3 millions
  • Start of building works: 10th of August 2009
  • Completion: 27th of November 2009
  • Area netto: ca. 440 m2
  • Total area: ca.500 m2
  • Land area: ca. €´3.350 m2
  • Dining room area: 170 m2 - of which McCafé-Lounge: 26 m2
  • Seats available inside: 124 all together - 26 in the McCafé-Lounge
  • Terrace area: 176 m2
  • Seats available outdoors: 80
  • Jobs: about 50 staff members
  • Phone number: +43-3686-28 505
  • Website: