Austria's green and snow-white heart

Steiermark - Styria

The scenery, the culinary delicacies, the cordiality of its people – these are the characteristics particularly appreciated by guests visiting Styria. And Styria does their best to make their guest's stay as enjoyable as possible.

In particular we see that all guests in Styria feel at ease and are comfortable, and that they can enjoy  the amenities of our region to the full: the scenery, the culinary delicacies, and the cordiality of the people!

Wide range of activities

  • Summer activities
  • Winter attractions
  • Walking, recreation
  • Food and drink
  • Friendly and charming local people
  • Nature, clean environment
  • Peace and quiet
  • Health & Spa.
  • Holiday for families and kids, with good service

„Feel like variety“

In the north, the mountains and Alpine pastures make sure you have a great walking and mountain biking experience: there is the  Dachstein that is almost 3000 metres high, further 800 mountains higher than 2000 metres, 3500 Alpine pastures, 7 nature parks, and 1 national park. In the south, 7 thermal centres including the "Hundertwasser" Spa in Bad Blumau make the region the well-being centre no. 1.

"Castle Routes" and Apple Orchards

Those  decorate the green scenery in the east - in the west however, the attractions are the famous pumpkin seed oil, Styria's "green gold" as well as the birth place of the world famous Lipizzan horses. In the very south there are, thanks to its sunny location, impressive vineyards where internationally renowned wines are made.

Cultur and Sports Events

A great variety of attractive events is offered, from World Championships and World Cup races to exhibitions and festivals. Come and watch, share the excitement, and take part at events around culture, sport, culinary treats, and traditons!


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