Snow grooming with the snowcats

...The Most Beautiful Ski Runs!

Snow grooming on the Hauser Kaibling is carried out with 9 snowcats - 4 of them also have a winch - supplied by Kässbohrer.  

On the way for you round the clock!

Our fleet of snow groomers is busy every day until late in the night (until about 2.00 o'clock am) to prepare perfectly groomed ski runs for you. The snow grooming at the Hauser Kaibling ski resort is considered to be one of the best in Austria’s Alps.

Main task of the ski run grooming 

  • Maintenance of the ski runs that have been affected by weather conditions and skiers (flattening of moguls, shifting of the downwards moved snow, milling of the icy layers, etc).
  • Regeneration of the piste’s surface to be skied on well and to improve the visual appearance of the ski runs. 
  • Distribution of the snow on the ski runs.

Important advantages of the winch snow groomers 

  • Our five winch cats with a horsepower of about 450 are especially used on the steepest slopes of the Hauser Kaibling. The snow groomer is anchored to an available shackle and grooms the steep stretches on the rope.
  • Ideal grooming of steep slopes.
  • The snow which is constantly being moved downwards by the skiers and boarders, can be shifted back uphill effectively with a winch cat.
  • Thanks to ideal synchronisation of the forward movement of the snow groomer chain and the winch, the moulding cutter of the snow cat can make a great ski run.

A symbiotic relationship

A perfect grippy piste from top to bottom is always the result of both snowmaking and grooming. The quality of the snow determines how many steps are necessary during the piste grooming. It is not possible to prepare a grippy, fine-grained surface from wet snow, not even with the moulding cutter. Also, the production, the mixing, and the compacting of the snow have to be done at the right time in order to have a homogeneous and solid piste. Already when planning the snow making facilities, the ski run grooming is being considered.

Note on Safety

To ensure best conditions for your ski fun, all ski runs are closed after operation hours from 5.00 pm to 08.15 am!

During these hours, the ski runs are being groomed and the snow making facilities are turned on. 

CAUTION: Ropes cross the ski runs!

Ski-Touring is prohibited! For safety reasons, walking up the ski runs with mountaineering skis is general (24h) strictly forbidden! In case of violation carried a trespass action! We thank you for your understanding!