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Covid-19 Information

Important information about the current operation

Last season we were able to learn how to ensure the safest possible skiing for our guests despite Covid-19. We are taking this knowledge with us into the coming season and, based on the ordinance of the Austrian Federal Government for the protection of all our guests and employees, we are implementing a series of measures that you will always find updated here on this page.

Please respect the measures and comply with them for a safe coexistence.

 For further details on the current legal provisions in connection with Corona, please refer to an extensive FAQ on the website of the Ministry of Health or on the official EU page.



Corona safety measures for winter operation

Important initial information for the winter

A diverse winter experience with open slopes, hotels, mountain huts and restaurants awaits you. Strict rules ensure a safe stay. Here you will find the current excerpt of what is planned for the winter in accordance with the federal government:

(3-G proof means proof of vaccination, proof of recovery or proof of having been tested.)



What are the basic rules for the winter season?

There will be hardly any restrictions for the vaccinated and the recovered. Any measures will mainly affect the unvaccinated, those who are vaccinated should have easier access to all winter holiday areas.  According to current knowledge, there will be no more capacity restrictions, distancing rules or earlier closing hours.  Measures are regulated by a 3-step plan, which depends on the occupancy of intensive care beds by Covid patients in Austria.  Level 1 = from 10 % occupancy (this level has been activated since the 15th of September 2021) Level 2 = from 15 % occupancy  Level 3 = from 20 % occupancy Level 4 = from 25 % occupancy Level 5 = from 30 % occupancy Tighter restrictions come into force 7 days after the percentage value has been reached.   

Which level and therefore which rules are currently in place?

Currently applicable in Salzburg and Styria: Level 1

Which measures are planned for the ski lifts at all levels?

The mandatory wearing of an FFP2 mask. Introduction of the 3G rule (vaccinated, recovered or tested) from the start of the winter season – For validity, see "Lift pass purchase information" below  If entry passes are introduced, these must be checked when lift passes are sold.  A practicable implementation for operators and visitors is being worked on (e.g. linking online lift pass sales for automated control).  Visitors must always carry the valid entry pass with them and show it during random checks.  The obligation to wear an FFP2 mask still exists  If the epidemiological measures are not complied with by visitors, the lift companies are then not obliged to let them use the lift facilities.  Children up to the age of 12 do not have to provide a 3G certificate

Which measures are planned for gastronomy and accommodation in the respective stage?

Stage 1: Currently access with 3G proof (vaccinated, recovered, tested = self-test valid 24h, supervised antigen test valid 24h, PCR test valid 72h).  Level 2: Antigen tests with self-acceptance ("living room tests") are no longer valid as proof of access. Level 3: Antigen tests are no longer valid as proof of entry. Only vaccinated or Genesen or PCR-tested are valid. Level 4: Tests are no longer valid as proof of admission. Only vaccinated or convalescent are valid. Level 5: Exit restrictions for all who are not vaccinated or recovered.

Which measures are planned for Après ski at which level in the winter season?

In general, the same rules apply to après ski as to night catering. Level 1: Only a negative PCR test result (72h) or proof of vaccination or recovery apply. An antibody detection or antigen test is not sufficient. Levels 2-5: Tests are no longer valid. Only proof of vaccination or recovery applies. Special regulation for unvaccinated employees: at least FFP2 compulsory and PCR test compulsory 3 times a week

Which measures are currently in place for entry into Austria?

Since the 19th of May, Austria has been guided by the ECDC map for risk areas when entering the country: Green/Orange areas: Free entry from these areas Light red areas: Entry only for tested, recovered and vaccinated people. Dark red areas: Entry only for tested, recovered or vaccinated people. + 10-day quarantine (free testing after 5 days) When entering Austria, please observe both the Austrian regulations and the regulations in your home country.



Lift pass purchase information

What proof do I have to provide when buying a lift pass?

Lift passes can be bought easily and at any time in the Ski amadé online ticket shop or at the ticket offices on site.  From November 15, 2021, all guests must always have valid proof of the current level with them when entering the ski area. The control or linking of ticket and proof is done either online (portal currently still being worked out) or on site at the lift ticket offices or lift access points. Children up to the age of 12 do not have to provide a 3G certificate.

​​​​​How do I link my lift pass to the 3G proof when I want to pick up my pass at the pickup machine?

1. Step: Pick up the lift pass at the pick-up machine. 2. Step: Link the lift pass to the 3G proof – enter ticket number and scan QR code (green passport, convalescent certificate, vaccination certificate) Important note: This tool is currently under development and will be completed as soon as possible. Until the tool is completed, a visual check of the proof in the ski area will be carried out.

Which 3G proofs are valid and for how long?

As soon as the regulation of the Austrian Federal Government is available, we can tell you exactly how long which proof is valid for. If the proof has expired (e.g. test is only valid for x-days), the ski pass must always be re-linked. This also applies to the winter season pass (3G proofs can be re-uploaded or confirmed at the ticket office).

What if my 3G proof is expired?

The ski pass is only activated for the period of validity of your proof. This means that if you present a PCR test when purchasing a season ticket, you can be given a season ticket, but the activation may only take place for a maximum of 72 hours after the test has been taken. You will then need to provide a new 3G certificate (online or on site) in order to continue using the season ticket.



Corona safety measures valid until
the start of the winter season

Where do I have to wear a FFP2 mask?

In order to guarantee the safety of all summer athletes, the following regulations currently apply to the lifts: A FFP2 mask has to be worn permanent in all cable cars and chair lifts with a weather protection hood by everybody from the age of 6. Moreover, there is a permanent compulsory use of FFP2 mask in all enclosed rooms like buildings, toilets, in all public transport and while queuing in enclosed buildings. Children from the age of 6 to the age of 14 are allowed to wear a close-fitting mechanical protective device (MNS) that covers the mouth and nose area instead of the mask. In order to guarantee everybody’s safety, the requirement to wear a FFP2 mask in the prescribed areas applies, without exception, to every guest over the age of six.

Will the cable cars and lifts be aired during the ride and disinfected?

All cable cars and lifts will be aired as best as possible – Please ensure you air adequately during your ride (open windows, open the weather protection cover, etc.).  All lift facilities (cable cars, chairlifts,…) will be regularly disinfected.

How many people will be allowed to travel in a cable car or on a chairlift at any one time?

All cable cars and lifts can be filled to a capacity of 100%. 

Where in the villages will disinfectant be available?

Disinfection possibilities are in the toilet facilities and at the ticket office area.

How will guests be informed about the Corona safety regulations on-site?

Guests will be made aware of the current Corona safety regulations by means of signs and loudspeaker announcements on site.

Which Corona safety measures apply to the employees of the lift companies?

From November 1st, a 3G rule will apply in the workplace. All cable car employees are either tested, recovered or vaccinated from November 1st. From level 4, the following applies to all employees: inside the workplace: recovery, vaccination or PCR-tested. Due to the introduction of the 3G rule, all cable car employees are no longer required to wear a mask, as customers will also have to provide 3G proof from November 15th. Transitional phase from November 1st to 15th: All employees, owners or operators who do not have a 3G certificate must wear an FFP2 mask at the workplace.   The employees of the cable car companies are trained or instructed in accordance with uniform guidelines and regulations on the Corona safety measures. All employees of the cable car companies are subjected to regular health checks. In the event of suspicion, tests are carried out immediately and the employees are immediately isolated from the company organization. The cable car companies each have an employee responsible for Corona who is responsible for planning and implementing the measures.

Do you have to be recovered, tested or vaccinated to use the lifts?

In order to use the lifts, you do not need any proof that you have recovered, tested or vaccinated until November 15, 2021. What does apply, however, is wearing an FFP2 mask in closed gondolas and lifts.

Contact Tracing App

By using the Contact Tracing APP 'STOP CORONA' of the Austrian Red Cross you are helping to tackle to spread of the Corona virus – it is recommended that you use this. Download app here



Hotels & Accommodation


The Hotels are open! The following regulations apply:

Which measures apply to tourist accommodation (e.g. hotels)?

No mask requirement in the accommodations 3G proof must be provided in the accommodation depending on the currently valid level. The following currently applies: Vaccinated (360 or 270 days depending on the vaccine - see above) Recovery (recovery notification 6 months or antibody detection 3 months) Tested (antigen test 24h, PCR test 72h) For children from the age of 12, school tests as described above are also considered entry tests Guests have to register with their name and contact details when entering (which is customary for accommodation anyway) The regulations for wellness operations are analogous to wellness and leisure facilities - please inquire directly with the company Every accommodation establishment has a prevention concept and a COVID-19 officer The same rules apply to hotel catering as to general catering

Huts & Gastronomy


The huts and gastronomy are open! The following regulations apply:

Which general measures apply in gastronomy?

No mask requirement in the restaurants and huts 3G proof must be provided in the restaurants and huts depending on the currently valid level. The following currently applies: Vaccinated (360 or 270 days depending on the vaccine - see above) Recovery (recovery notification 6 months or antibody detection 3 months) Tested (antigen test 24h, PCR test 72h) For children from the age of 12, school tests as described above are also considered entry tests No test obligation for take away or suppliers Registration is mandatory for stays longer than 15 minutes No restriction on the number of people per guest group Self-service buffets can be operated subject to hygiene requirements Every catering establishment has a prevention concept and a COVID-19 officer There is no FFP2 mask requirement for employees with customer contact if the 3G regulation is adhered to. No opening and closing hours, except for those of the respective restaurant / pub.


All contents of this page have been compiled in the best of the editor's knowledge and belief. All contents and information may be subject to alterations. State regulations form the legal basis for operation. Information and material regarding protective measures have been provided by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce – Division Ropeways.