Untouched nature in the midst of the ski resorts

Nature Jewel Kaiblingalm

Our jewel of nature, the Kaiblingalm area, was upgraded with a new, modern 6-seater chairlift.

Modern chairlift and gorgeous panorama

A marvellous mountain backdrop and great views to the Dachstein – the Kaiblingalm area is probably one of the most beautiful spots of all Styrian ski resorts. It is reached by Alm 6er chairlift, one of Austria’s most modern and comfortable chairlifts: it is detachable, equipped with orange protection covers (“bubbles”), and has heated leather seats. Its base station is at 1,600 m, taking you up to an elevation of 1,950 m.


Your perfect photo

While assending in the chairlift, you might get your perfect picture for Facebook. Just after having passed the forest, a gorgeous and unforgettable panorama opens up to you – hold on to it and share it - with us and your friends.

We are looking forward to great pictures!



Just as at all other base and top stations as well as at exposed places, there is free of charge wireless Internet at the Kaiblingalm available.