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Online World

The free Ski amadé app informs you about the current conditions up on the mountains of the ski resorts and offers many features which help make your skiing day even more exciting! Discover all Hauser Kaibling corners from athe comfort of your home, self-controlled on your computer by means of a 3D map.

New calorie-counter in the Ski amadé Guide App

The free app „Ski amadé Guide“ helps you not to lose track of the many benefits. All the 5-senses attractions can easily be found with the integrated geomap. With the version 4.0 of the app, users can now record their skiing day chronologically into the so-called timeline – with all skied metres of difference in altitude, speed, kilometres of ski runs, and – brand new! – the caloric expenditure! Even if you relax and don’t ski too fast enjoying the occasional stop at a mountain hut, skiing is still more than an easy leisure activity. You keep moving all day long, hence your caloric expenditure is accordingly high. The Ski amadé caloric expenditure calculator has been developed in co-operation with the Salzburg University. The calculations result from the factors steepness of the slope, skiing style, technical skills, and covered distances. Like that, you can enjoy your Kaiserschmarrn without feeling bad.

Furthermore, Ski amadé is also a technical leader regarding the development of an app for the first data-goggles worldwide, the Smart Ski Goggles that are ready for serial production for the coming season. Here, live data and information about the ski area can be seen in the lower right sight field of the goggles. 

To let your friends and relatives witness your first turns on the slopes and show them how fantastic the views are, you can keep a ski diary and share photos via various social media platforms. Ever since 2011, Ski amadé has offered free wireless Internet with more than 400 access points across the skiing mountains and lift stations. In the Alpine area, this offer of wireless Internet is the largest of its kind so far.

You already get a great impression of the ski area looking at the interactive Ski amadé 3D model at home. This 3D world provides fascinating insights into the Alpine landscape with unprecedented resolution. Moreover, the 3D map helps you to plan your skiing holiday.

Free Ski amadé app

Get your free of charge Ski amadé mobile APP called "Ski amadé Guide" on your iPhone or Android today and be up-to-date regarding the vast skiing possibilties in the Schladming-Dachstein area!

This app shows you precisely where you are, where the next ski lift, mountain restaurant, bar, or bathroom facility is. Also, you can find out about cash points and service points. The latest feature is a calorie counter!

The app's heart is the ski navigation system, with which you can choose your individual ski runs according to your skills, season, and current weather conditions. Furthermore, you can choose between several theme trails.

Most important features at a glance

  • Optimal orientation in the ski resore with automatic locating on the panorama map.
  • Great ski experience with slope highlights, off-piste and piste guide.
  • Current information about operation hours of the sk runs and ski lifts, snow conditions, weather conditions, live cams.
  • Ski diary (skied ski runs) - easy to share on  Facebook.


The app offers all the information about your ski holiday in Ski amadé - have fun!

3D Worls

The interlinked 4 mountains offer 123 kilometres of ski runs nonstop - experience the variety of ski slopes already from the comfort of your home, on your computer and immerse yourself in the virtual world of the Hauser Kaibling,  Planai, Hochwurzen and Reiteralm!

You can already imagine your perfect skiing day from your computer: in the virtual 3D world, you can discover regions, mountains, and landscape by means of high resolution pictures. Ski runs, ski lifts, mountain huts, and further interesting places (so-called POIs - points of interest) can be explored. Simulate a flight over the ski resort and check out the ski slopes and the respective altitude profile from a bird's eye view.

Download & let's go!

Carry out the following steps and you'll have ski fun on your computer! 

1.) Install 3D-Viewer

System requirement: Microsoft Windows / Mac OSX, DSL, 3D-compatible graphics

Click here and download:

2.) Let's go

Click on the picture below and you will be in the virtual world of the Schladming interlinked 4 mountains. The programme start can - according to your Internet connection - take a couple of seconds.
Simply click on "Schladming-Dachstein" in the programme and let the fun begin....

In case there are any problems regarding installation or display of the panorama, please don't hesitate to contact us per email:!