700 sheep move to their summer residence on Hauser Kaibling

“Almauftrieb” – Spring Sheep Drive

Since 2008, the Alpine Lamb Project has been running on the Hauser Kaibling. Every year, about 900 sheep spend the summer on the Hauser Kaibling. This year, for the first time, a woman, shepherdess Svenia Paul, a 27-year-old agricultural scientist, took over the flock of about 900 sheep.

Sheperdess Svenia Paul

The 27-year-old Svenia Paul is the only trained shepherdess to practice this profession in Austria’s mountains. With the Almauftrieb – Spring Sheep Drive – up to the Hauser Kaibling on 2nd June 2015, she took on a flock of about 900 sheep. The animals graze in the course of the Alpine Lamb Project the Alpine pastures and areas used for ski runs in winter. This EU-LEADER project is valuable both for the agriculture and tourism industries. Up to the Hauser Kaibling during summer , the Tauern-Gondola lift brings visitors, who might meet, if they are lucky, the shepherdess and her flock. 

“Almauftrieb” – Spring Sheep Drive, 2nd June 2015

“I’m curious both about the job and about life with the sheep in the mountains. I’m looking forward to all the new experiences around the corner”, says optimistic Svenia Paul regarding the Alpine summer. The college-graduate agronomist grew up on a German sheep farm and completed her training with shepherd Martin Winz in Halle. Martin Winz was the first Hauser Kaibling shepherd in summer 2008.

Flock maintaining ski runs

The Alpine Lamb Project originally started as EU-LEADER project and developed quickly from there. It links the interests of co-operation partners from various economic backgrounds as well as areas of life. Their main focus is to created a high quality product – Ennstal lamb. At the same time, the Alpine pastures are maintained ecologically because they are prevented from overgrowing, and the biodiversity is sustained. As to ski-run maintenance, the sheep are doing a great job: the flock naturally fertilise the ski-run areas, making them firm for winter. All of this prevents erosion, saves the use of heavy machines, and is good for the environment.

Sheep adventure

Visitors to the Hauser Kaibling can experience the sheep in several ways. The Tauern-Gondola lift brings guests up to the top (Senderplateau) at an altitude of 1,870 m (ascent is included in the Schladming-Dachstein SummerCard). At top station, the Schafsinn hiking loop starts, offering interesting information about the Alpine Lamb project as well as many adventures for the entire family. The surrounding mountain restaurants look after you with food and drink, also offering regional Alpine lamb produce.


8th Styrian Alpine Lamb Festivity on 26th of July 2015 at the Hauser Kaibling base station.