Sido, Moop Mama, Mono & Nikitaman, the best Woodstock, Blasmusik-Acts and established Snow Break Europe-DJ's

Sound Everest Winter Festival with Headliner "Sido"

6 Stages, 3 Days, 1 Mountain. Cool Music, Snow, Sun and Mountain Air. That was SOUND EVEREST 2019. The Winter Festival, at Hauser Kaibling.

After Movie Sound Everest Winterfestival 2019:

Winter Highlight at Hauser Kaibling:

From the 29 - 31st of March 2019, Hauser Kaibling was rocking to the Sound Everest Winter Festival, on 6 stages, in fact the whole mountain will become a stage! Sido, the Berliner Rapper, will be headlining with his new album "Kronjuwelen", as well as Moop Mama, Mono and Nikaman, the best "Woodstock of Brass Band" acts and established Snow Break Europe DJ's.

A Snowy Music Beet.

Classical guitares, powerful trumpets, rich beats, fat bass, clear vocals and whispering harps. The party buffet offered just about everything, from rock and dialect-pop, to electrionic delicacies and party classics, to folk and brass music. There really was something for everyone.

An extrodinary Winter Festival, new, different and extremely diverse!


Line-up 2019:



Located at the foot of the highest mountan in the Schladming-Dachstein 4 mountain ski area, is where the Haus-Air Main Stage is set. Played by cool bands from near and far, with a colourful mix of genre on Friday and Saturday, directly through the frozen music beat. From reggae, rock, dialect-pop to Ska, everything that the heart of a party and music lover desires.

Moop Mama - Friday, 29. March 2019

Mono & Nikitaman - Friday, 29. March 2019

Folkshilfe - Saturday, 30. March 2019

Krautschädl - Friday, 29. March 2019

Edmund - Saturday, 30. March 2019



Pure Woodstock brass music syle will be performed by Viera Bleach, Wüdara Musi, Eschenauer Tanzlmusi, Schoffeichtkoglposcha, the Fexer and Tegernseer Tanzlmusi, all at the Woodstock Winteralm, celebrating genuine honest and traditional wind and folk music.

Viera Blech - Saturday, 30. March 2019

Wüdara Musi - Saturday, 30. March 2019

Tegernseer Tanzlmusi - Friday, 29. March 2019

Schoffeichtkoglposcha - Saturday, 30. March 2019

Eschenauer Tanzlmusi - Friday, 29. March 2019

Die Fexer - Friday, 29. March 2019



It has to escalate and it will escalate! We will take care of that together and that's a promise! The already legendary Snow Break Europe, perform on Friday and Saturday. With our fabulous entertainers and DJ's there is plenty of reason to celebrate. Jägertee and punch will keep you warm from the inside and don't forget that koa Sünd is also available on the mountain!

RUDY MC - Friday, 29. March 2019

2:Tages:Bart - Saturday, 30. March 2019



Singing allowed? No. Required! Right next to the base station and ski piste there will be a diverse mix of hits from classic tracks from the 60's to current dance music.

Drinks to match, from classic williams pear schnapps to newly created drinks. From classic Bauernkapfen (local donuts) to burgers. A club feeling directly on the piste.

Tickets at Early Bird purchase rates are available:

 With friendly support from Energie Steiermark!