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Tandem flights - Tandem paragliding

Be a passenger on a tandem paraglider. One great experience, an uncomplicated adventure!

Welcome to the Sky Club Austria

It is our own enthusiasm for paragliding that makes our Sky Club what it is. Come and see, you too will be thrilled.

From December to March, we offer fantastic tandem passenger flights from the Hauser Kaibling! You start your flight at the highest peak of the Schladming interlinked four mountains in the ski area Ski amadé.

To go for the adventure, it takes only a few steps: set up the paraglider, sprint, and take off and feel free. Your pilot is an experienced flight instructor and tandem pilot. 

Certified safety – tandem flights with Sky Club Austria!

  1. The flight school Sky Club Austria was Austria’s first officially authorised tandem flight business, certified according to strict safety regulations.
  2. Professional tandem passenger flights have been carried out ever since 1992.
  3. Your pilot is a certified flight instructor and tandem pilot with years of experience.
  4. The flight equipment is certified and especially approved for tandem flights up to a total weight of 250 kg.
  5. All flights are carried out with an emergency chute.
  6. The passenger’s safety harness is equipped with an airbag-back protector
  7. Just as in case of a charter flight, you have a liability and an accident insurance. Your flight luggage is insured as well.  
  8. Sky Club Austria pilots only fly with safe meteorological conditions.


Please follow our safety notes for passengers

When tandem paragliding, being a passenger, you have to contribute to the success of the flight. During the start phase, you have to run together with the pilot and only sit down once you have taken off and are up in the air. If you follow all the pilot’s safety instruction, you are the perfect passenger and our pilots look forward to a great flight with you!

To bring

Non-slip shoes, warm clothing, gloves, sunglasses or goggles. 



Sky Club Austria

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